For a very long time, the food & beverage industry and the media have been promoting unhealthy eating preferences among kids all over the world. Their advertising and marketing techniques influence them to develop cravings that turn into addictions over time. A kid’s food preferences directly affect their food habits impacting the health and risk towards obesity. Discover innovative ways to promote nutritious food among your kids. Here are some unhealthy foods that both adults and children should abstain from.

1. Soft Drinks

Cold soft drink

Soft drinks or sugary drinks are actually not so soft on your health. They contain high amounts of empty calories and sugar. Apart from cold drinks, fruit juice tetra packs, sodas, and chocolate milk are also not so good for your health. They contain added preservatives and low nutrition value in spite of what they claim.

2. Deep Fried Foods

French fries, potato chips, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, etc are food items that are deep fried and contain high amounts of trans-fats and salt. Such oily and unhealthy food can lead to high blood pressure, respiratory issues, obesity, and osteoporosis. Concerned about your health and weight? Then fried foods are the primary items both kids and adults must avoid.

3. Butter & Cheese

Butter & Cheese

Who doesn’t love a spread of butter or cheese on their food? And undoubtedly pizzas and burgers are adored by kids depending on the amount of cheese that is smothered over them. But parents should be aware that such dairy products contain a high amount of saturated fats and chemical pollutants which are extremely harmful to health. The consumption should be regulated as butter and cheese are so fattening that it could easily lead to obesity in children.

4. Chocolates & Candies

Candies are just a combination of sugar and artificial flavors. They contain zero nutritional value and can cause obesity and dental problems if not consumed in regulated amounts.

Basically, all foods classified as junk food, even if advertised as healthy, generally contain harmful fats and acids.

Parents must not always give in to kids’ demands and understand the tactics of media to lure children. If not regulated, the risk of obesity is high.