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Parents For Health is a community of concerned parents who have taken the initiative to promote the pro-active approach towards the health of both children and adults. We believe in helping our children to eat well, stay active, and prevent obesity or other illnesses in the future. With some mutual support, every parent can become a Parent for Health!

Owing to the increasing rates of distractions in the world, children are increasingly becoming lethargic and stubborn with respect to their lifestyle. We aim to change this scenario entirely and help parents erase all lifestyle-related illnesses and bring about a change in the kids’ negative approach towards healthy nutritious food. Our group of dedicated experts is here to suggest to you what’s best for your kid and how can you make healthy food not so healthy looking! If our ideas won’t make you the favorite parent, then what will!

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Articles About Balanced Diet For Kids

This will give you tips on how to make your child healthy

How Important Are Micronutrients In Your Kid’s Diet?

Did you know that approximately 2 billion people do not consume the recommended amount of micronutrients? They are in fact essential for a kid’s growth and development and required in minor quantities by the body as vitamins and minerals. Know about the advisable quantities of nutrients for adults and children here. Micronutrient deficiencies are very […]

How To Persuade Your Kids Into Having Healthy Food?

If asked what is the toughest part of being a parent? Well, for most of us getting kids to eat healthy food will be high on the list. It is certainly a task to make nutrition win over junk food. Learn more about making all three meals healthy yet kid-friendly! Let us look at some […]

Foods That Promote An Active Brain Development In Your Kids

Brain development is crucial during childhood. What the kids eat affects their cognitive abilities and focus. Babies require DHA which is an omega-3 fatty acid responsible for good cognitive development. Some of the foods that help in their brain development and keeping them sharp are-  Greek Yogurt Lucky for kids, Greek yogurt is actually very […]

Most Unhealthy Food To Abstain

The food & beverage industry and the media have been promoting unhealthy eating preferences among kids all over the world.

Chocolate and Candies

Candies are just a combination of sugar and artificial flavors. They contain zero nutritional value and can cause obesity and dental problems if not consumed in regulated amounts.

Butter and Cheese

Parents should be aware that such dairy products contain a high amount of saturated fats and chemical pollutants which are harmful to health. The consumption should be regulated it could lead to obesity in children.

Maintain Healthy Nutrient Intake For Kids And Avoid Obesity

 A balanced diet since childhood and good nutrient intake in the family can lead to the development of a healthy adult in the future.

Made-Fast Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and this morning meal doesn’t have to be a struggle anymore!

Get Set Lunch

Children usually consume their lunch in their recess or school break. Teachers mostly encourage parents to pack a nutritious lunch for the students.

Finer Designer Dinner

It’s time to feel amazing as you cook healthier dinner recipes for your family. The mouth-watering dishes that look attractive help parents promote nutritious dinner.

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