TV viewing is considered one of the major distractions for kids. In fact, children of ages two to five get so hooked to cartoons that they refuse to eat food without having their favorite programs being played right in front of them. Statistics have shown that in an average a child spends approximately 32 hours a week watching television.

As parents, it has become necessary to understand how to pull strings to TV watching.

1. Encourage Physical Activities

The family is enjoying running in the park

Parents must encourage their children to engage in sports or exercise during the evening time. They can be given the option of watching TV for a certain amount of time only after getting some exercise. Eventually, groups are formed and children start looking forward to their play time. Sometimes encouraging their interests can also help, for instance, there are various forms of dance that might be admired by the child and the parent can promote this interest by making he or she join the classes. Learn more about ideas to keep kids active here.

2. Time Management

Parents must encourage their children to effectively manage their time. A timetable for the day can be a good way to do so. Preferably an hour can be allotted to TV viewing time.

This way kids are likely to function keeping certain goals in mind and will not waste their time watching TV. Reinforcements can further help the case.

3. Be The Role Model

mother and daughter bonding

As a parent, you must set an example for your child. If you engage a lot of your time watching TV, your child might do the same and be at the risk of developing addiction or obesity. To be the perfect role model, we must ensure that we spend the least amount of time on social media and watching programs and more time on being active with the kids. Planning activities, having meals together, engaging in meaningful interactions and basically spending more time with the children is very important.

4. Placement Of TV

The TV should not be placed ideally in the dining area or the bedroom. Keeping simply one television set at home and that too in the living area is recommended.

This is because more sets will just lead to more distractions and meal time should ideally be a family time where kids should be encouraged to concentrate on their food only. Also, a TV in the bedroom can easily ruin their proper sleeping schedule set by the parents.

5. Exposure

Are you certain you are aware of what your kids are watching? It is necessary to keep a check on the programs that the kids watch and the amount of exposure given to other channels. The lesser shows they watch, the lesser time they will spend on television.