Active kids are happy kids! Being physically active is the cause and cheerful fit kids the effect. In fact, both parents and their children experience greater contentment in their lives when both are in mutual harmony and good mood. One way of achieving this could be providing food that encourages an active brain development in the child. Click here to know more about encouraging your children to have healthy food.

1. Encourage Their Interest

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As parents it crucial to understand your child’s preferences and talents in various activities. Some kids are more suited for sports while some dance and athletics, some might prefer basketball while some gymnastics. Kids should be encouraged in pursuing their interests. This ensures that they will willingly stay active and feel they are in control of their health. Such children become self-motivated and independent in their approach as well.

2. Participate

Nothing works better than observational learning for kids! If we are active, they will be too. Be a part of their play time, teach them sports, plan weekend activities together and more such initiatives can certainly push kids towards more physical activities. In fact, parent involvement encourages them to do better and prove themselves.

3. Avoid Distractions


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Like us, are you also worried about kids becoming more and more lethargic with time? This is certainly due to increasing distractions such as social media, video games, watching excessive TV, obsession with gadgets etc. Parents need to ensure that kids allot less time in the house and more amount of time on the playground or field. If we give in to the ever growing demand for gadgets, the situation will just get worse. Kids become lousy and obese due to lack of physical exercise. To make them more active, limitations should be put on the TV viewing time and internet usage. Parents must push their kids towards at least one activity a day.


4. Reinforcements

Reinforcements are basically a reward for good or desired behavior. If kids are reinforced for exercising and staying active, their activity can be strengthened by the parents.

Some reinforcers could be planning a family outing, making their admired dishes once in a while, increasing their play time etc.

5. Optimism & Independence

Parents should always keep realistic expectations from their children. Too much pressure can actually backfire and discourage children from achieving their targets. Staying positive, self-motivated, and optimistic is important if pursuing any sport or activity. This way kids can take control of their destiny and be more active and confident.