Why Porridge is So Good For You

by Jadwiga O'Brien on December 14, 2011

Healthy Porridge and Bananas

Porridge is the breakfast super-food - it releases energy slowly and has a wide range of health benefits

Porridge (also called oatmeal) is a super healthy breakfast – it tastes delicious, is versatile and easy to make. During the colder months, there’s nothing like a hot bowl of porridge to get your kids going in the morning.

Eating porridge fills your kids up for longer than other breakfast cereals. This makes snacking between meals less likely, helping children and adults alike to maintain a healthy weight.

Porridge oats have many other health benefits – including helping to prevent heart disease and certain cancers. They are a high fibre food which means they help prevent constipation. Porridge gets an even greater health boost when you add some fruit and seeds.

It’s Cheap

Porridge is extremely cheap because of the minimal processing that the oats go through. For less than the price of a packet of biscuits, you can feed your child a healthy breakfast for approximately 2 weeks!

Branded porridge is usually more expensive and sometimes has added ingredients. Microwave porridge oats are a good example of this – they are more expensive and sold to us on the basis that they are more convenient. There is probably no need to buy quick-cook or microwave porridge oats because the time they save is minimal.

It’s Easy

Making porridge from scratch is easy. Check out our basic porridge recipe for a few hints and ideas. You can make it in the microwave or on the hob – it only takes a few minutes.  Once you’ve figured it out, you’ll find it hard to go back to boring old cereal. Porridge is easy to adapt and you can flavour it according to your tastes. You’ll never get bored!

Nothing Beats the Original

Whatever you do, avoid buying ready flavoured porridge products (such as Quaker Oats So Simple).  We’ve found that they can be high in added sugar (contain 20% sugar or more), as well as other unnecessary ingredients. Check the labels carefully! Note that a regular box of Ready Brek contains 1g of sugar per 100g whereas the chocolate variety contains 22g.

Have we tempted you to give porridge a go? Or are you already a porridge convert? Share your thoughts with us in the comments box below or on our Facebook page.

Photo by: thebittenword.com licensed under Creative Commons

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