Ways to be Active – Christmas Presents for Health!

by Elaine Egan on November 24, 2011

Christmas gift ideas

Go for active toys this Christmas - helping your kids to be active will ensure a stress free holiday!

Why not make the healthy choice this Christmas and choose toys that get your kids moving? It’s important that our kids get plenty of exercise – and active toys will encourage this.

We’ve had a look at what’s available and put together a few suggestions to help Santa.

Stocking Fillers

Active toys needn’t be huge or expensive. There’s great value to be had if you shop around or shop online. Consider buying:

  • Rugby, soccer or tennis balls – everyone needs a new ball
  • Kites – perfect for flying at the beach on a family day out
  • Bowling sets – great for hand eye co-ordination
  • Space hoppers – classic fun and adult sizes are available too
  • Skipping ropes or skip ball – check out our article on skipping to find out why we love it
  • Hobby horse – or hobby unicorn for your little princess
  • Hula-hoops – back in fashion,  a great way to get kids active
  • Pavement chalks – great for outside art and games like hopscotch

Toys such as costumes for dressing up, Lego and dolls houses encourage your child to use their imagination. Giving kids the chance to make up their own games will keep them entertained for hours.

Main Present

If Santa has a larger sack you could ask him to bring:

  • Table football – instead of watching TV during Christmas, arrange family football tournaments
  • Ride on tractors – buy trailers and water tankers to accessorise
  • Skateboards or roller skates – great for balance and agility
  • Table tennis – great fun and the whole family can join in
  • Nerf guns – set up a shooting range and get the whole family involved (parents included!)
  • Scooter or Flikr – try scootering to school in the New Year

You’d Better Watch Out…

If your child is desperate for a TV for their bedroom think carefully. Studies have shown that children who watch large amounts of TV tend to have disrupted sleep patterns, do less well in school and run the risk of putting on extra weight. Also consider carefully if your child is asking for:

  • Membership of online games such as Moshi Monsters.
  • Computer games
  • Nintendo 3DS

Screen time soon mounts up and prevents kids from being active. Set strict time limits on computer games and portable game consoles – limit them to weekends only, and set a timer. Restricting screen time will seem hard at first but if Santa has brought some active toys they’ll soon find plenty to do.

Remember Santa has the final say. If he can’t find the toy that your child specifically wants he will always bring something just as good or if not something better!

Photo by: PatrickYHC Photography licensed under Creative Commons

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