The Switch Witch

by Parents for Health Team on October 25, 2012

Switch Witch

The Switch Witch is a good witch who helps children by swapping unhealthy sweets for gifts. Just leave your sweets on the kitchen table this Halloween night, and the Switch Witch will come to your house!

I am the Switch Witch and I have a very special job to do on Halloween night. I take away sweets and junk from children and I swap them for lovely toys, stickers and shiny coins!

Late on Halloween night, when everyone is tucked up in bed, I fly through the sky on my broomstick looking for sweets.

If you would like a visit from me, leave your sweets on your kitchen table and I promise to leave you something nice.  Those nasty sweets rot your teeth and are very bad for you, so I’m ever such a nice witch!

You could also leave me a letter or a drawing – I love to hear about the spooky things that children get up to at Halloween. I collect the sweets in a large black sack that I carry on the back of my broomstick. My cat Tricksy flies on the back of my broom – she takes care of the sack and tells me when it is full.

I will only come to children who are fast asleep in bed – I am magic don’t forget, so I’ll know if you are faking it!

Photo by: dunleavy family licensed under Creative Commons

Leave out your sweets for the Switch Witch this Halloween, and get something nice in return!

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