Teenagers and Junk Food Lunches

by Helen Martin on September 14, 2011


Teenagers don't always have to eat junk food for lunch. Give them a healthy home made lunch instead!

The lunchtime rush of teenagers heading for the local shop to buy junk food has become a tradition in many schools.

Kids scramble out to buy hot chicken rolls, potato wedges, sausage rolls, as well as crisps, bars of chocolate and fizzy drinks.

One in four children are now overweight or obese and the consumption of junk food only contributes to the problem.

Fatty foods such as chips and chicken nuggets contain very few nutrients – they’re also putting a significant dent in your pocket!

If you give your teenager €5 a day for lunch that adds up to a staggering €25 a week. With roughly 30 weeks in a school year that’s a whopping €750 a year per kid.

How Parents Can Save Money and Improve Kids Eating Habits

Stop providing lunch money and encourage them to bring lunches from home. Homemade lunches can provide the nutrients that are really important for teenagers.

A simple wholemeal chicken sandwich with some salad can provide a good source of protein, vitamins and fibre – all important for your kids growth and development. Add some fruit and a bottle of water and you have the perfect balanced meal.

Be imaginative and get your kids involved in choosing and assembling their own lunches. If they have a canteen or common room, you could try giving them some pasta salad or a flask of soup.

So next time you think about giving your teenager money for lunch give them a healthy homemade lunch instead!


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