Eight Tips to Get Your Kids Active

Healthy girl on a bicycle

Encouraging children to be active helps them to burn off excess energy and will leave them (and you!) in a better mood! Helping our children to be active is also a vital way to ensure that they lead happy and healthy lives. Regular exercise helps children to avoid illnesses like heart disease, stroke and certain […]

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Fact File: Children and Sport

children swimming

Children need to be active – experts recommend that kids should get at least one hour of exercise every day. Playing sport regularly is a great way for children to be active. Through sport they can learn new skills, improve their concentration, learn about fair play, develop self discipline and most importantly have fun. Joining […]

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Preventing Knee Injury in Active Children


The kids are back at school and many of them are returning to their sports clubs to begin training again. Taking part in sport is a great way for kids to be active. They also learn valuable life lessons – discipline, leadership skills, motivation, and team spirit. If your kids play sports regularly, it’s inevitable […]

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Top Tips: Getting Teenage Girls Active

Physical activity girls

Being active is really important for all children and young people, but it is a big issue for girls in particular. Girls are far less active than boys, but the real shocker is the drop in physical activity levels once girls reach their teens.  One study reported that between the ages of 11 and 15, […]

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Activity: Rounders

Girls Team

Rounders is a great game to play when the weather’s good and you have large groups of kids to entertain. It requires very little equipment, there’s minimal contact and it’s a great way to get active.

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