Eight Tips to Get Your Kids Active

Healthy girl on a bicycle

Encouraging children to be active helps them to burn off excess energy and will leave them (and you!) in a better mood! Helping our children to be active is also a vital way to ensure that they lead happy and healthy lives. Regular exercise helps children to avoid illnesses like heart disease, stroke and certain […]

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Fact File: Children and Sport

children swimming

Children need to be active – experts recommend that kids should get at least one hour of exercise every day. Playing sport regularly is a great way for children to be active. Through sport they can learn new skills, improve their concentration, learn about fair play, develop self discipline and most importantly have fun. Joining […]

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Ways to be Active – Christmas Presents for Health!

Christmas gift ideas

Why not make the healthy choice this Christmas and choose toys that get your kids moving? It’s important that our kid’s are active every day and having active toys around will encourage them to move more. We’ve had a look at what’s available and put together a few suggestions to help Santa.

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Activity: Hula Hoop

Hula Hooping

Hula hooping is enjoying a comeback! Cheap and fun, hula hooping is a great way for kids and parents to get active. Hula hoops have been used through the ages as toys and in some cultures for religious ceremonies. They were originally made from bamboo, rattan, or stiff grasses. The plastic hoop that we recognise […]

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Activity: Skipping

Girl skipping

Skipping is great fun and is a fantastic way for children (and parents!) to stay fit. You can skip indoors or outdoors, but make sure you have plenty of space. You can skip anywhere with a firm flat floor. You can skip solo or in groups if you’re using a long rope.

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Fact File: Why Play is Important

Girl on Swing

Play is essential for kids of all ages. To be technical about it, play contributes to the physical, social, and emotional well-being of children. Active play, when kids run about, climb, play sport and generally horse around together, is the best of all – active play keeps kids active, which is essential for good health. […]

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Staycations: Active Fun at Home!


Times are tough and the recession is biting deep – many of us are finding that we’d rather stay at home and mind our pennies than go on holiday abroad. A well planned “staycation” can be just as much fun as holidaying overseas and can be an ideal opportunity to wean your kids away from […]

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