12 Top Tips: Control TV Watching in Your Children

child watching TV

Children who watch too much television have disrupted sleep patterns, do less well in school, and have an increased risk for obesity and type 2 diabetes. If you’re worried about how much telly your family is watching, this article should help you to take control over your kids’ viewing habits. 1. Get the TV out […]

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Tips: Getting Enough Fruit & Veg

Healthy Fruit Oranges

Even though health experts recommend that we should eat 5-10 portions of fruit & vegetables per day, most people do not eat enough of these essential foods. Many children do not even consume a single piece of fruit in a day.

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Teenagers and Junk Food Lunches


The lunchtime rush of teenagers heading for the local shop to buy junk food has become a tradition in many schools. Kids scramble out to buy hot chicken rolls, potato wedges, sausage rolls, as well as crisps, bars of chocolate and fizzy drinks. One in four children are now overweight or obese and the consumption […]

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Online Marketing of Junk Food to Kids

We found this interesting video from TIME magazine on how junk food companies market their products to kids online. Is junk food being marketed to your kids online, through games etc? If so, let us know with a comment below.

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What is Childhood Obesity?

Junk Food Linked to Obesity

Childhood obesity is increasing at an alarming rate and it seems to be in the news all the time. But what does the term childhood obesity really mean – and what can I do if my child is overweight?

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Getting My Overweight Child Active


Childhood obesity is a growing problem, with increasing numbers of children worldwide suffering from obesity. Overweight children tend to grow into overweight adults – so it’s important to help children to deal with their weight issue as early as possible. One key way to fight obesity is to get kids active. This article is for parents of children who are not physically active, and who have a problem with their weight.

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Fact File: Junk Food

junk food in supermarkets

When your child demands crisps, sweets and fizzy drinks, it can be hard to say no. If your child isn’t overweight, junk food isn’t really a problem, is it? Think again!

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