Eat More Fruit and Veg: Lunchboxes

Lunch time

Eating plenty of fruit and veg is essential for a balanced diet, and getting your kids used to eating these essential foods will help them avoid a range of serious illnesses (including heart disease and certain cancers) in later life. This article will give you some ideas for getting fruit and veg into your child’s lunchbox!

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Review: Lunchbox Drinks

Lunchbox drink

There are lots of drinks that you can buy for your child’s school lunchbox – but which are the healthiest options? Not all drinks marketed for children are healthy!

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Teenagers and Junk Food Lunches


The lunchtime rush of teenagers heading for the local shop to buy junk food has become a tradition in many schools. Kids scramble out to buy hot chicken rolls, potato wedges, sausage rolls, as well as crisps, bars of chocolate and fizzy drinks. One in four children are now overweight or obese and the consumption […]

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Lunchbox Ideas: Bread

Healthy Sandwich

Let’s face it, bread and pastries form the main part of most school lunchboxes. Whether it’s a sandwich, bap or wrap, bread gives parents a quick and easy solution to fill hungry tummies. Taking into consideration the amount of bread we eat, maybe it’s time we thought about using some alternatives to the regular white […]

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Different Healthy Lunchbox Ideas

Girl Soup

Sandwiches are a quick and easy option for the school lunchbox – but if your child is bored with bread and baps, why not try some of our favourite alternative lunch box ideas? Soup Taking soup to school in a stainless steel flask is great for slightly older kids, so long as they’re able to […]

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School Lunchbox Sandwich Ideas

Girl Eat Sandwich

Sandwiches are a great way to encourage your child to eat healthy foods. This article should give you some ideas for healthy & practical sandwich fillers for your child’s lunchbox! Apple and Cheese This may sound like an unlikely combination – but give it a chance, it works! Grate an apple and some cheese into […]

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Recipe: Spanish Omelette


This recipe is ideal for using up leftover cooked potatoes. It tastes fantastic warm but it’s even better the next day. It’s also great for a picnic or for the lunch-box because it doesn’t crumble or fall apart.

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