Active Christmas

Healthy Active Children

Christmas is a great time to encourage the whole family to be more active. Most of us have more family time during Christmas, so why not get active with your kids? Getting some exercise will keep your family healthy & will help to reduce stress levels. Check out our suggestions for simple family activities to try this Christmas…

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Hopscotch: a healthy game for kids!

The game of hopscotch has been played by children for hundreds of years. It is still popular today and different versions are played all over the world. For those who don’t know how to play (or don’t remember!) here’s a quick guide to basic hopscotch. To play hopscotch all you need is some chalk and a […]

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Activity: Blowing Bubbles

young girl blowing bubbles

Bubble games can bring out the best of your children’s imaginations. Usually they won’t need much direction once you hand over the bubble mix and wand. Playing with bubbles is great for getting kids ( or parents ) to be more physically active.

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Activity: Scavenger Hunt

Kids going out on a scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts are similar to nature trails except you have to collect things on a pre-prepared list and they can be done indoors. If you are prepared to set up the items for the hunt, this can be a great game for kids parties.

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Opinion: Are You a Helicopter Parent?

Parents and happy child

A helicopter parent is someone who hovers over their children, constantly fussing over the details of their everyday lives. Do they have enough pencils for school? Are they using their antibacterial hand gel? Are they getting along with their friends? Some might call helicopter parents controlling, some might call them overprotective.

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Activity: Rounders

Girls Team

Rounders is a great game to play when the weather’s good and you have large groups of kids to entertain. It requires very little equipment, there’s minimal contact and it’s a great way to get active.

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Activity: Nature Trails

Hawthorn Berries

Nature trails are a great way to enjoy the great outdoors and maybe even learn something new. On your return, you’ll find that your kids not only understand their environment a bit better but they’ll also have gotten some fresh air and exercise!

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