Fussy Eating

Tips and information to help parents cope with children who are picky or fussy eaters.

Tips to Help Kids Eat Fruit and Vegetables

Girl eating fruit

Do you struggle to get your kids eating enough fruit & vegetables? Maybe you already know that fruit and vegetables are essential for good health, but your child just won’t play ball. Don’t despair, this article should give you some ideas! First of all, don’t panic. It is very common for children to be fussy […]

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How to Deal With a Fussy Eater

Fussy eating

People assume that children become picky eaters because they are being difficult. Perhaps they are going through a phase or playing some kind of power game. While this may be true in some cases, there is a different take on the subject: maybe they just don’t like what you have cooked or the way you […]

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Help With Fussy Eating – a Mother’s View

boy and cooked vegetables

Having a fussy eater in the house is no joke. I have friends who have have been reduced to tears by a child who won’t eat anything green or lumpy. Meal times become a battle of wills, with tears and tantrums instead of a nice chat about everyone’s day. Fussy eating is common but we […]

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Recipe: Easy Bolognese


This is a great family recipe that is very easy to make and tastier than any jar of pasta sauce you would buy. By chopping the veggies finely you can “hide” them in the sauce satisfying even the fussiest of eaters.

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Top Tips to Help Fussy Eaters

Mother and kids prepare salad together

Fussy eating can be incredibly stressful for parents. You try to ensure that your kids eat a healthy diet, but they seem to reject the healthy foods that you offer. The good news is that children usually grow out of fussy eating before they reach their teens – and there are a lot of things […]

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Resource: Food Flower Chart

Fussy food flower chart

A study conducted in the UK in 2001 used charts to help children with selective eating difficulties. These charts were used to log the types of foods that fussy eaters had tasted in order for them to see the immediate proof of their success. The child starts off with a flower centre and […]

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