Tips: Getting Enough Fruit & Veg

Healthy Fruit Oranges

Even though health experts recommend that we should eat 5-10 portions of fruit & vegetables per day, most people do not eat enough of these essential foods. Many children do not even consume a single piece of fruit in a day.

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Reasons to Eat: Plums


Plums are in season at the moment and they taste delicious. Sweet and juicy, plums are a healthy treat for your child’s lunchbox. They’re a perfect size for small hands and don’t need peeling, just a quick wash. Plums are a member of the rose family along with strawberries, cherries and raspberries. Prunes are actually […]

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Recipe: Simple Fruit Salad

Woman and little girl preparing fruit salad

This is a great recipe to encourage your family to eat more fruit. Packed full of fibre and vitamins, this makes a tasty dessert or a refreshing breakfast. Get the kids involved with washing and chopping the fruit and they will realise that eating fruit can be fun.

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Raspberries – Full of Summer Goodness


Raspberries are in season at the moment – they’re at their best and they taste delicious. Raspberries are a great addition to your children’s diet and are a tasty way to encourage kids to eat more fruit. We should all aim to eat at least 9 portions of fruit and veg every day – one […]

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Go Bananas – an Ideal Snack for Kids

Healthy Bananas

We should all try to eat as much fruit and veg as possible – according to the experts we should be eating roughly nine portions per day. The good news is that one banana counts as a portion! Most of us believe that bananas grow on trees, but they’re actually the worlds largest herb – […]

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Smoothie Your Way to Health


Smoothies are a great way to keep you and your family healthy. People who consume high levels of fruit and veg find it easier to maintain a healthy weight, and have a reduced risk of serious illnesses like heart disease, stroke & some cancers. Making smoothies couldn’t be easier – all you need are the raw ingredients and a blender. You don’t need to spend a fortune on fruit – wrinkled, tired or over-ripe fruit all work well in a smoothie.

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Fact File: The Importance of Fruit & Veg for Health

Fruit vegetables health

The vast majority of experts across the world agree that eating more fruit and veg reduces the risk of disease. Eating more fruit and veg has been linked to lower rates of cancer, heart disease, stroke and other serious illnesses.

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