Sugar, Health & Children

by David Egan on February 6, 2013

Sugar & Children

Eating sugar has been linked to type 2 diabetes, obesity and other serious illnesses – our children are sweet enough!

According to recent research carried out at the University of California, sugar is fuelling a global obesity pandemic. Sugar is far from just “empty calories” that make people fat. Sugar changes metabolism, raises blood pressure, affects the action of hormones and causes damage to the liver.

Does your child eat too much sugar? We think kids are sweet enough – so here are some simple ways to reduce your child’s sugar intake!

Read the Label

Many products have added sugar – it’s a cheap way for food manufacturers to bulk up their products. Be especially careful with breakfast cereals – for example, coco-pops contain a whopping 36% sugar. Avoid any product that contains more than 10g per 100g of added sugar.

Dump the Junk

Don’t keep sweets, biscuits or other sweet treats at home. If they’re not in the house, your children will be far less likely to snack on them. Junk food is bad news for your kids, so take control of your child’s access to junk food.

Don’t use sweets as a reward – use stickers, pens, badges or cheap toys instead. Don’t get in the habit of buying sweets or chocolate for your kids when you’re at the shop. If they really need a snack, try fruit or unsalted nuts.

Be Firm

If your child asks for sweets, say “No” – and stick to your guns! If you can prevent your child developing a sweet tooth, you’ll be helping them avoid type 2 diabetes, obesity and a range of other illnesses – not to mention tooth decay.

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