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by Jadwiga O'Brien on April 27, 2011

Fussy food flower chart Food Flower

A study conducted in the UK in 2001 used charts to help children with selective eating difficulties. These charts were used to log the types of foods that fussy eaters had tasted in order for them to see the immediate proof of their success.

The child starts off with a flower centre and gains small petals for each portion of new food that they taste.  Every week the child is encouraged to increase the number of portions of the new foods they have tried. You can even log the number of times they have tried the food under it’s name. Eventually the flower becomes a fun food menu.

When you are happy with your child’s achievements, you can even add a little bee, butterfly or smiley face to the centre of the flower!

Caterpillars, Fantasy Football and More!

The caterpillar works according to a similar template as the flower, but by adding extra body sections rather than petals. The fantasy football league is done by having your child represented as a football team that progresses through the league by trying new foods e.g. if your child is Liverpool and broccoli is Man Utd. then by trying broccoli a number of times, Liverpool can overtake Man Utd. in the league!

Other chart types:

  • Cupboards
  • Fridge
  • Bowl
  • Menu
  • Basket

Just add the different foods they’ve tried to each chart either as pictures of the food or the name of the food written on a piece of paper.

Obviously, these charts may only be suitable for children of certain ages. So don’t expect your 12 year old son to be overly impressed with a food flower!

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