Resource: Child-Friendly Shopping List

by Jadwiga O'Brien on April 19, 2011

Shopping List Food shopping with small children isn’t easy. Shops are often designed to encourage kids to pester their parents – with plenty of brightly coloured junk food placed at your child’s eye level or at the checkout.

A child who is normally well-behaved can quickly become a demon whose only purpose in life is to fill the trolley with junk food.

With a few small changes to your routine, shopping need not be a nightmare. One of the best things you could do is to make a shopping list.

Plan Your Shopping: Make a List

People who shop with lists are less likely to make impulse buys. Make a list in advance of shopping, and only buy what is on your list. If there is a deal on, think about it rationally – do you usually buy whatever it is that’s on offer and are you actually making a saving?

Involve the Kids

Shopping lists are a great way to keep kids occupied. If they’re old enough, you can ask your children to look for things on the list and bring them back to you; once they have one thing, they can go to find the next.

To keep kids even busier, you can give them their own basket and shopping list and send them off around the supermarket to get some of the shopping. It not only lightens your load, but allows your child to experience a sense of responsibility and independence.

You can either make up your own child-friendly shopping list or use our template.

To open the Parents for Health shopping list template as a pdf click here.

Get your kids to write out what they’re going to shop for before you leave and have them tick them off once they have brought their basket back to you. And remember, anything that isn’t on the list doesn’t go in the trolley!

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