Recipe: Porridge

by Jadwiga O'Brien on December 14, 2011

Porridge Healthy

Porridge is a super-healthy breakfast that will release energy slowly throughout the morning - the perfect fuel for your kids!

Porridge is a delicious and super-healthy breakfast – easy to make and suitable for the whole family. The recipe below gives an idea of the basic ingredients and how they can be cooked. Use this to get you started – then why not experiment with your own toppings and flavourings?


To make one generous serving:

  • Half a mug of oats (50g)
  • A full mug of milk or water, or a mixture of both whatever you prefer

Cooking time: 2-5 mins approx


To make on the hob: Pour the oats and water/milk into a saucepan and bring to the boil. Cook for 3 mins and keep stirring. If it starts to get too thick, add more liquid.

To make in the microwave: Pour the oats and water/milk into a bowl. Put into the microwave for 1min 20 seconds approx (times will vary depending on the power of your microwave). Take the bowl out of the microwave halfway through cooking and give it a stir.

Cooking tips

  • Making porridge in the microwave saves on washing up – great for those busy mornings
  • Because the oats expand during cooking, make sure your bowl and pan are big enough
  • Soak the oats overnight for a shorter cooking time
  • The more liquid the better – porridge should be creamy
  • When you’re finished using the pot or bowl fill it with water to make it easier to clean later
  • Porridge can be reheated by adding more liquid and simmering gently –  great for people eating at different times

Serving Suggestions

Aside from it’s health benefits, porridge is really versatile – change the topping, and you’ve created a new breakfast. We’ve listed a few of our readers favourite toppings:

  • Cinnamon
  • Mixed Spice
  • Honey
  • Brown sugar
  • Ground seeds
  • Chopped nuts
  • Berries (fresh or frozen)
  • Apple (grated or cut up into small chunks)
  • Banana (sliced or mashed)
  • Natural Yoghurt (best added after cooking)
  • Fruit purée/ Stewed fruit
  • Dried fruit (best added before cooking)

Do you have porridge for breakfast? If you have any tips or favourite porridge toppings, be sure to share them with us below or let us know about them on Facebook.

Photo by: david.nikonvscanon licensed under Creative Commons

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