Video: Healthy Popcorn

by David Egan on June 2, 2011

Healthy PopcornHome made popcorn is a healthy snack that is easy to make and very cheap, Home made popcorn is:

  • Naturally high in healthy fibre
  • Low in fat
  • Low in sugar
  • Low in salt

Ready made popcorn that you buy in the supermarket or at the cinema often has high levels of added ingredients and may be unhealthily high in fat, salt or sugar. Home made popcorn tastes great without any of these cheap added ingredients, and is an ideal snack for the family. See the video below for our step-by-step instructions on making healthy popcorn:

Here’s the recipe:

  1. Warm the pan with a thin coating of vegetable oil (we used olive oil in the video).
  2. Add 2-3 test kernels, put the lid on and turn up the heat to medium high
  3. When the test kernels pop, add the rest of your popcorn and turn the heat down for 30 seconds
  4. After 30 seconds, turn up the heat – let the popping commence!
  5. When the popping stops, turn off the heat, add to a bowl and eat – yum!
  6. Popcorn made like this will keep for 24 hours in tupperware


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