Tips for a Healthy Beach Trip!

by Elaine Egan on July 15, 2011

mother and child playing in wavesSummer is finally here and we’re all looking forward to some fun days at the beach. If you think beach trips are an excuse to put your feet up and eat hot dogs, chips and ice cream…think again!  Check out our suggestions on how your family can have a healthy trip to the beach.

Beach Games

Encourage your kids to play some active beach games as well as the usual sand castles. Playing on the beach is a great opportunity for them to get their recommended daily dose of physical activity.

Some fun activities to try out:

  • Kite flying
  • Jumping over the waves
  • Ball games like soccer or catch
  • Water pistol tag – whoever gets sprayed is “on”

Playing Frisbee is great fun for all ages –  the soft sand means that your kids can literally throw themselves into it! When they need a break from all the leaping around they could try throwing the Frisbee at targets such as sandcastles or water bottles filled with sea water.

Active Adults

Why not join in with the kids games yourself? Chances are you will have so much fun running around with them you won’t even realise you’re getting a dose of exercise as well. Remember you and your children need to be active every day to enjoy a healthy life.

Pack a Healthy Picnic

Taking your own food to the beach is a great idea – not only will you save money but you can control what you eat. Getting a picnic together just needs a bit of planning in advance.

Invest in a cool box and pack it full of bottled water –  drinking water is the best way for your family to stay hydrated. Drinking too many soft drinks will only make your kids sticky and cranky.

Avoid taking chocolate bars, crisps and cakes for your picnic – eating too much junk will leave you and the kids feeling sick and uncomfortable, especially on a hot day.

Get active before you tuck into the picnic – play some active games or go for a swim. It’s much healthier for you and the kids to work up an appetite before eating.

Why not try filling your cool box with healthier alternatives:

  • Sandwiches, rolls or wraps – try adding some salad
  • Pasta salad
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Quiche
  • Chicken drumsticks
  • Cheese and crackers

Take plenty of fresh fruit for snacking on – there is nothing more delicious than a cool chunk of water melon or some strawberries to satisfy your sugar cravings. Check out our recipe for fruit salad which can be packed in Tupperware and kept in the cool box.

Be Active, Eat Well, Have Fun!

Hopefully this article has given you some ideas for your ideal trip to the beach. Now we just need some sun!

Do your family have any favourite beach games? Please share them with us!

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