Halloween Games

by Parents for Health Team on September 28, 2012

Apples Bobbing

Get the kids playing some active games this Halloween – you might want to get some towels ready if you decide to have an apple bobbing competition!

Get the Halloween party started with some games!

Apple Bobbing

Partly fill a basin with water, keeping the water level low if young children are playing. Add some delicious apples (the bigger they are the more difficult).

Keeping your hands behind your back,  get the apples out of the basin only using your teeth. One person at a time if it’s a small basin. For younger children – keep the water warm, for older kids cold water can be part of the fun!

Variations: Using different coloured apples, or apples marked with scores & play competitively! E.g. green apples are 10 points but red ones are 20. Buy nice-tasting apples and eat them after you’ve played!

Snap Apple

Using a piece of wool or thick string, suspend an apple from a doorway. You can either tie the string to the stalk of the apple, or, using a knitting needle, pierce a hole though it and draw the string through. Keeping your hands behind your back, try and get a bite of the apple. To make the game competitive, use one apple for each player. The player to either finish their apple, or get the first bite, wins.

Pass the Apple

Tucking an apple between your chin and chest, pass it along to your friends without using your hands or arms. To play competitively, split your group of friends into teams. The first team to get it to the last player along their line wins!

Pin the Cat on the Broomstick

Similar with pin the tail on the donkey. Draw out a poster of a witch on a broomstick. On a separate piece of card draw and cut out a black cat. Stick a bit of blu-tack to the back of it, blindfold each player, and give them the cat to stick somewhere on the witch poster. Ideally the cat would be sitting on the back of the broomstick.

Hide and “Ghost” Seek

Ideally, this can be played out in the garden when the weather is dry. Each player should have their own torch so they can find places to hide, and the people who are hiding. It’s played like a traditional game of hide and seek, but either the person who is “on” or the people who are hiding are dressed up as ghosts.

Mummy Chase

Again, this is pretty much like your traditional game of “tag” but everyone can have bits of toilet paper wrapped around their arms or legs. To catch a player, the person who is it must rip off some of the toilet paper from them rather than just touch them. Not dissimilar to tag-rugby if you think about it!

Last but not Least: Trick or Treat!

It may well be dark and wet when you send out your trick-or-treaters, but that doesn’t mean you have to drive from door to door. Once kids are supervised and road safety aware, there’s no harm in them trekking around. Plus it will expend some of that pent-up Halloween energy! If you’re supervising kids, bring umbrellas for when you’re walking from house to house and, if they do get a little wet, so what!

If it is dark or rainy, make sure you and your trick-or-treating troops can be seen. Wear a high-visibilty jacket or armbands and carry a torch so you not only can you see in front of you, but other trick-or-treaters and cars will too.

Avoid arguments before you go out. Decide on which houses or what route your kids are going to go trick-or-treating at before you set out for the evening. This will help you to manage your time better so you can get home and have more time to play Halloween games and tell spooky stories. It will also limit the amount time they have to collect junk food.

Stick to areas and people that you know when sending kids trick-or-treating. If there are elderly people who may be security conscious, or people who don’t celebrate Halloween, it might be best to avoid calling to them. Also, if the lights are off in a house, use common sense and walk on by.

Photo by: pixieclipx licensed under Creative Commons

What Halloween games do your kids love? Leave a comment and let us know!

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