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Be an Activist!

If you’re trying your best to give your kids healthy lifestyle habits, but your efforts are undermined by school, family or even friends, you need to speak out! When our kids are bombarded with junk food and have no opportunities to be active, it’s no wonder that they have unhealthy lifestyles. Roll your sleeves up and make a complaint! Our kids shouldn’t have to grow-up in an environment that pushes unhealthy choices on them, and parents are entitled to complain when this is the case. Some issues to get active about:

  • School: does your child’s school sell junk food and fizzy drinks? If so, start a campaign to change things
  • Supermarkets: does your local supermarket push junk food to your children by placing it at their eye level? Ask for the manager and make a complaint!
  • Child-minders: does your child minder just park your child in front of the TV? This isn’t good enough!
  • Play: do your kids have good access to play facilities? If not, why not?
  • Transport: Do your kids have access to safe walking & cycling routes in your neighbourhood?

Stand up, speak out – the chances are that other parents are thinking the same as you. If there is an issue that you’d like our help with, contact us.