Tips: Getting Enough Fruit & Veg

by Parents for Health Team on May 16, 2012

Healthy Fruit Oranges

Encouraging your child to eat more fruit and veg is a simple way of helping them to have a healthy life

Health experts recommend that we should eat 5-10 portions of fruit & vegetables per day, but most people do not eat enough of these essential foods. Many children do not even consume a single piece of fruit in a day. Not eating enough fruit and veg increases your risk of developing a range of diseases.

How Can I Encourage My Family to Eat More Fruit & Veg?

  • Keep a well-stocked fruit bowl and encourage the family to snack on fruit
  • If your kids aren’t fruit eaters, try starting them off with fruit smoothies or fruit salad
  • Chop up raw veg like carrots and peppers for school lunchboxes, picnics and side-dishes
  • Include plenty of veg in stews & meat sauces – check out our bolognese recipe
  • Don’t force kids to eat fruit & veg – this is always a bad idea
  • Do praise your children enthusiastically when they try a new fruit or veggie
  • Cut back on junk food – if you don’t buy it, they won’t eat it
  • Get kids cooking – when kids prepare food, they are more likely to try it
  • Be a role model – set a good example and eat plenty of fruit & veg yourself!

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