Different Healthy Lunchbox Ideas

by Elaine Egan on September 7, 2011

Girl SoupSandwiches are a quick and easy option for the school lunchbox – but if your child is bored with bread and baps, why not try some of our favourite alternative lunch box ideas?


Taking soup to school in a stainless steel flask is great for slightly older kids, so long as they’re able to manage the lid and pour the liquid on their own.

Remember to pre-heat the flask with boiling water before you add the soup – this will make sure the soup stays warm till lunchtime.

Soup can be a great way to get your kids eating more veg, and couldn’t be easier to make.

Take some leftover cooked veg like carrots, peas, swede or parsnip. Add some hot stock and whizz in the blender – delicious!

There are so many varieties of soup it’s impossible to get bored. For more inspiration for making your own soups check out recipes online or in magazines.

If you’re buying ready made soups check the label – some varieties can contain a lot of salt. Try to avoid soup that is high in salt. If you have 100g of soup:

  • 1.5 g of salt is a lot
  • 0.1 g of salt is a little

To make the soup more filling try adding some cooked rice or some cooked pasta – those broken bits of spaghetti that you find at the bottom of the packet work well.


A container of pasta salad can be a tasty and filling alternative to sandwiches. Try making it the evening before and leave it in the fridge -  great for those busy mornings.

  • Use wholemeal pasta as it contains more fibre than plain
  • Use different shapes bows, wheels or twirls -  let your child choose their favourite
  • Add sweetcorn, cooked peas, mange tout or grated carrots to cooked pasta – a colourful way to get more veg into your kid’s lunch
  • To give your child some protein, add some cooked chicken (left over from a roast), flaked tuna or grated cheese
  • Drizzle over some olive oil or stir in some pesto for a tasty healthy lunch

Get the kids involved in preparing their own pasta meal – they may come up with some interesting new recipes. Lastly don’t forget to pop a fork in to their bag to eat it with.

Next time your kids are bored with their school lunch try our alternative lunchbox ideas. If you have any favourite lunch box fillers that your kids love, make a comment and let us know!

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