You don’t need to break the bank or be a top chef to make good healthy food at home. This section provides simple healthy recipes that the whole family can enjoy. Why not share some of your family favourites by

Recipe: Porridge

Porridge Healthy

Porridge is a delicious high fibre food – easy to make and suitable for the whole family. The recipe below gives an idea of the basic ingredients and how they can be cooked. Use this to get you started then experiment with your own toppings and flavourings!

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Recipe: Healthy Home-Made Chips

Potato wedges

These chips are so simple to make and taste fantastic. Instead of buying a bag of frozen ready-made chips, try this recipe and amaze yourself with how good the humble potato can taste.

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Muesli Recipe

healthy muesli recipe

Muesli is a healthy and tasty breakfast that is easy to make yourself. Use our simple recipe as a base to get you started and add your own favourite ingredients to give it some extra zing.

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Recipe: Simple Fruit Salad

Woman and little girl preparing fruit salad

This is a great recipe to encourage your family to eat more fruit. Packed full of fibre and vitamins, this makes a tasty dessert or a refreshing breakfast. Get the kids involved with washing and chopping the fruit and they will realise that eating fruit can be fun.

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Recipe: Easy Bolognese


This is a great family recipe that is very easy to make and tastier than any jar of pasta sauce you would buy. By chopping the veggies finely you can “hide” them in the sauce satisfying even the fussiest of eaters.

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Video: Healthy Popcorn

Healthy Popcorn

Ready made popcorn that you buy in the supermarket or at the cinema often has high levels of added ingredients and may be unhealthily high in fat, salt or sugar. Home made popcorn tastes great without any of these cheap added ingredients, and is an ideal snack for the family.

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Healthy Raspberry Lollies

Raspberries Mound

Home made lollies are easy to make and taste delicious. Full of natural fruity goodness kids will love them – and they are extremely healthy! Check out our super-healthy raspberry lolly recipe…

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