Physical Activity Resources for Families

Regular physical activity is essential for health. Keeping your family active can help prevent:

  • Heart disease & stroke
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Obesity

According to the World Health Organisation being physically active can even reduce risk for certain cancers, including colon & breast cancer. The resources below will help you to keep your family active. Lets get our kids moving!

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Preventing Knee Injury in Active Children


The kids are back at school and many of them are returning to their sports clubs to begin training again. Taking part in sport is a great way for kids to be active. They also learn valuable life lessons – discipline, leadership skills, motivation, and team spirit. If your kids play sports regularly, it’s inevitable […]

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Fact File: Why Play is Important

Girl on Swing

Play is essential for kids of all ages. To be technical about it, play contributes to the physical, social, and emotional well-being of children. Active play, when kids run about, climb, play sport and generally horse around together, is the best of all – active play keeps kids active, which is essential for good health. […]

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Staycations: Active Fun at Home!


Times are tough and the recession is biting deep – many of us are finding that we’d rather stay at home and mind our pennies than go on holiday abroad. A well planned “staycation” can be just as much fun as holidaying overseas and can be an ideal opportunity to wean your kids away from […]

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Tips for a Healthy Beach Trip!

mother and child playing in waves

Summer is finally here and we’re all looking forward to some fun days at the beach. If you think beach trips are an excuse to put your feet up and eat hot dogs, chips and ice cream…think again! Check out our suggestions on how your family can have a healthy trip to the beach!

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Play: Serious Business!

Happy children playing together

Did you play outdoors when you were a kid? Maybe you climbed trees, kicked a ball around with your mates, built a den, cycled round the neighbourhood on your bike, or just played hide and seek. If so, you’re a dinosaur. Children nowadays are far more likely to be found parked in front of the TV or playing Xbox.

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Getting My Overweight Child Active


Childhood obesity is a growing problem, with increasing numbers of children worldwide suffering from obesity. Overweight children tend to grow into overweight adults – so it’s important to help children to deal with their weight issue as early as possible. One key way to fight obesity is to get kids active. This article is for parents of children who are not physically active, and who have a problem with their weight.

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Top Tips: Getting Teenage Girls Active

Physical activity girls

Being active is really important for all children and young people, but it is a big issue for girls in particular. Girls are far less active than boys, but the real shocker is the drop in physical activity levels once girls reach their teens.  One study reported that between the ages of 11 and 15, […]

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