Healthy Eating Resources: Help Your Children to Have a Balanced Diet

Healthy Eating GirlThere are many ways that we can help our kids to develop healthy eating habits. Healthy eating isn’t complicated, and for most children (and adults!) it boils down to eating less junk food and more fruit, vegetables & wholegrain foods. We should also drink water rather than sweetened drinks.

Having a good diet helps prevent a range of serious illnesses. How do you ensure your kids develop healthy eating habits? Use our free resources!

Eat More Fruit & Vegetables Help with Fussy Eaters Healthy Lunchboxes
Tips to get Kids Eating More Fruit & Veg Top Tips to Help Fussy Eaters Lunchbox Sandwich Ideas
Get Fruit & Veg into Your Child’s Lunchbox Help with Fussy Eating: A Mothers View Different Healthy Lunchbox Ideas
Why is Fruit & Veg Important? How to Deal With A Fussy Eater Healthy Lunchbox Ideas: Bread
Tips to Get Enough Fruit & Veg Food Flower Chart Fruit & Veg in Lunchboxes
Smoothies for Health
Healthy Foods Recipes to Encourage Kids to Eat Fruit
Healthy Eating Articles Reasons to Eat Courgettes Simple Fruit Salad Recipe
Healthy Eating Guidelines Reasons to Eat Plums Healthy Raspberry Lollies
What is a Balanced Diet? Reasons to Eat Beetroot Fruits of the Forest Smoothie Recipe
Salt and Health Reasons to Eat Raspberries Smashing Strawberry Smoothie Recipe
Healthy Shopping List Bananas: An Ideal Healthy Snack Muesli Recipe
Supermarket Shopping
Healthy Drinks for Kids Recipes for Healthy Food
Junk Food Healthy Hydration Tips Healthy Home-Made Chips
Facts About Junk Food Facts on Soft Drinks Easy Bolognese
Online Marketing of Junk Food Granny’s Wheaten Loaf
Review: Lunchbox Drinks Breakfast Spanish Omelette
Junk Food Consumption in Kids Healthy Breakfast: Muesli Healthy Popcorn
Teenagers: Junk Food Lunches Why Porridge is so Good For You Healthy Porridge Recipe
Yoghurt for Kids
Review: Lucozade Energy


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