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The Switch Witch

Switch Witch

I am the Switch Witch and I have a very special job to do on Halloween night. I take away sweets and junk from children and I swap them for lovely toys, stickers and shiny coins! Late on Halloween night, when everyone is tucked up in bed, I fly through the sky on my broomstick […]

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Halloween Games

Apples Bobbing

Get the Halloween party started with some games! Apple Bobbing Partly fill a basin with water, keeping the water level low if young children are playing. Add some delicious apples (the bigger they are the more difficult). Keeping your hands behind your back,  get the apples out of the basin only using your teeth. One […]

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Portion Size

CDC The New (Ab)normal

Portion sizes have been getting bigger, as childhood obesity becomes more of a problem. What can we do? Order smaller meals on the menu, split a meal with a friend, or eat half and take the rest home. At home, try buying smaller plates, which will automatically reduce portion size.

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Tips: Getting Enough Fruit & Veg

Healthy Fruit Oranges

Even though health experts recommend that we should eat 5-10 portions of fruit & vegetables per day, most people do not eat enough of these essential foods. Many children do not even consume a single piece of fruit in a day.

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How to Survive Christmas Dinner!

Healthy Christmas Dinner

It’s easy to overeat at Christmas, as we bombard ourselves with turkey, ham, sweets, trifle, cake & Christmas pudding. Sometimes you end up feeling like you’re more stuffed than the Christmas bird! To keep your family healthy this Christmas, and to avoid the after-dinner slump, follow these tips: You Don’t Need to Clear Your Plate […]

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5 a Day Junk Food

unhealthy lifestyle habits in children

Great news – new research shows that children are getting their five a day! But wait – they’re not getting their essential five daily portions of fruit and veg, they’re getting five portions of junk food. The survey was carried out by the British Heart Foundation, who looked at the diet of two thousand 11 […]

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Preventing Knee Injury in Active Children


The kids are back at school and many of them are returning to their sports clubs to begin training again. Taking part in sport is a great way for kids to be active. They also learn valuable life lessons – discipline, leadership skills, motivation, and team spirit. If your kids play sports regularly, it’s inevitable […]

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