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Halloween Facts


Halloween is an ancient Celtic festival that celebrates the end of summer and the beginning of Winter – our ancestors used to feast on healthy apples & nuts around the Halloween bonfire, lighting lanterns to ward off evil spirits. Why not invoke the “Switch Witch” at Halloween? She’s a good witch who keeps kids healthy by taking away junk food on Halloween night, leaving games, small toys and coins in their place.

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Healthy Breakfast–Muesli

Healthy Muesli

If your kids are tired of the same old breakfast cereal, try giving them some home-made muesli. Muesli is a tasty cereal which is made up of oats, dried fruit, nuts and seeds. Muesli is easy and cheap to make, and super-healthy.

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Ways to Be Active Every Day

Active Kids

To be healthy we need to be active every day. With our busy home, work, school lives it isn’t always easy to get your daily dose of exercise. We’ve put together a few ideas that will help you and your family get active every day without setting foot inside the gym!

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Ways to be Active – Christmas Presents for Health!

Christmas gift ideas

Why not make the healthy choice this Christmas and choose toys that get your kids moving? It’s important that our kid’s are active every day and having active toys around will encourage them to move more. We’ve had a look at what’s available and put together a few suggestions to help Santa.

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Recipe: Healthy Home-Made Chips

Potato wedges

These chips are so simple to make and taste fantastic. Instead of buying a bag of frozen ready-made chips, try this recipe and amaze yourself with how good the humble potato can taste.

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Muesli Recipe

healthy muesli recipe

Muesli is a healthy and tasty breakfast that is easy to make yourself. Use our simple recipe as a base to get you started and add your own favourite ingredients to give it some extra zing.

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Different Healthy Lunchbox Ideas

Girl Soup

Sandwiches are a quick and easy option for the school lunchbox – but if your child is bored with bread and baps, why not try some of our favourite alternative lunch box ideas? Soup Taking soup to school in a stainless steel flask is great for slightly older kids, so long as they’re able to […]

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