Activity: Scavenger Hunt

by Jadwiga O'Brien on May 12, 2011

Kids going out on a scavenger hunt Indoor or Outdoor: Both

Number of Players: 2 – as many as you want!

You’ll need:

  • A list of items to find or tasks to do (This can either be written up by someone, or ready-made ones can be found on the internet.)
  • A bag to collect the items in.

Time needed: Depends on the number of items on your list and where you decide to do the hunt. Can be as short as 5mins.


Did you know?!

In the University of Chicago, they run a 4 day scavenger hunt with a list of 300 items to find. Once, one of these “items” was a live elephant!

How to Play

  • You can either play individually or in teams.
  • The aim is to find every item on the list.
  • Items should not be things you have to pay for or are dangerous.
  • Each item can be worth points depending on how hard they are to find.
  • As well as finding items, players may also have to complete tasks.
  • The winning team or player is the one with the most points or items found.
  • The game can either go on until all items are found or according to a time limit.
  • Make sure you put everything back where you found them.

Click here for a sample scavenger hunt.

Other theme ideas/variations:

Rather than going around collecting items, use a camera to take pictures of them instead. Have everything prepared so that you’re sure that most of the things on the list are around.


  • Seaside (shells, seaweed etc.)
  • Nature (leaves, insects)Toys (dolls, dice)
  • Colours (something red, something green and white)
  • Words (look in books/magazine for the word “giraffe”)
  • Shapes (something round, something square)
  • All drawing (draw the list of items)
  • Magazine pictures (e.g. find a picture of a person cooking)

Have you ever organised a scavenger hunt? Why not share your tips in our comments box below.

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