Activity: Rounders

by Jadwiga O'Brien on April 25, 2011

Girls Team Indoor or Outdoor: Outdoor

Number of Players: 10 – 30 (officially). Minimum of 5 on each team.

You’ll need:

  • A bat or racket
  • A small ball (a tennis ball is great as it’s soft and light)
  • Some kind of field markers

Time needed: Depends on the amount of players and the score that you want to play up to. Minimum of 20mins.


Did you know?!

Rounders shares many of the same rules of baseball, and it’s likely that baseball gets it’s roots from the game.

How to Play


  • You have two teams; the batters and the fielders.
  • Ideally each team will have equal numbers.
  • The fielders position themselves around the playing field.
  • The batters wait on the sideline for their turn to bat.


  • On the field there are 3 bases and up to 9 fielders.
  • With his/her back to the fielders, stands a thrower (a member of the fielders team).
  • Facing the thrower, stands the first batter and someone else from their team to catch the ball if it goes past them.
  • Batters run clockwise from their starting position.

Game on!

  • The thrower throws the ball towards the batter.
    • Batters can be thrown the ball 3 times before they’re out.
    • A no-ball is given if the thrower throws the ball too high or out of the batters reach.
  • The batter tries to hit the ball as far into the playing field as possible, so that it will take a while for the fielders to reach it.
  • While the fielders are running for the ball, the batter runs through as many bases as possible before the fielders can strike them out.
  • Fielders can strike batters out by either reaching the base before the batter does and touching the base with the ball, or by just touching the batter with the ball.
  • Batters continue to run to bases during the turns of other batters, who also run.
    • Two batters cannot be on the same base at the same time.
  • A score is gained when one of the batters reaches the original starting point.

For a short video clip of the game being played click here.

Please note: these are not the official rules for Rounders, but are based on a more easy-going approach!


Do you remember any fun ball games that you played as a child that could be shared with kids today? Why not leave the details in our comments box below.

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